4 Tips for Preventing Falls in Your Elderly Loved One’s Home

Preventing falls is beneficial for the safety and well-being of elderly individuals. Home Care Right at Home offers specialized care for clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and more. Our home care professionals can assess the senior’s home environment to identify potential fall hazards and modify the home. Here are four tips for preventing falls in your elderly loved one’s home:

1. Install Hand Rails and Grab Bars

Installing handrails on both sides of staircases can boost support and balance for the elderly. Install grab bars or safety handles near the toilet to allow seniors to use them for support when sitting down or standing up. Placing vertical or horizontal grab bars inside the shower or bathtub assists with entering, exiting, and maintaining balance during bathing.

After installation, test the grab bars by applying gentle pressure in various directions. Regular maintenance, such as inspecting handrails and grab bars for stability, can keep the elderly safe. If any screws or fasteners become loose, tightening them maintains the structural integrity of the handrails and grab bars.

2. Assist With Mobility

Trained caregivers offer physical support during walks, allowing the elderly to maintain balance and stability. Our home care services also entail assisting the elderly in transitioning from a chair to a wheelchair or from a bed to a standing position. Caregivers can assist seniors in performing prescribed exercises that focus on improving strength, balance, and flexibility.

Qualified caregivers help the elderly to use mobility aids such as canes, walkers, or crutches correctly. They check if these devices are correctly adjusted to the individual’s height and guide them on their safe use.

3. Install Safety Alert Systems

At Home Care Right at Home, our team may recommend installing safety alert systems such as motion sensors, wearable devices, and automated pill dispensers, to boost safety for seniors. Wearable devices with fall detection capabilities send alerts automatically if a fall is detected, even if the individual is unable to press a button. Notifications to caregivers or emergency services increase the chances of a prompt response, minimizing the potential consequences of a fall.

Automated pill dispensers and reminder apps enable seniors to take their medications on time, reducing medication-related issues contributing to falls. Syncing medication management systems with caregiver devices enables remote monitoring, allowing caregivers to enhance medication compliance and make timely interventions. Motion sensors help caregivers monitor the home environment, enabling them to identify potential hazards that could lead to falls.

4. Remove Clutter

Remove any items, furniture, or decor obstructing the walking path for your loved ones. Arrange furniture to create clear and open pathways throughout the living space. Caregivers can assist in organizing personal belongings and storing them to minimize clutter and maintain accessibility. Using cord management systems that consolidate and conceal cords reduces the risk of entanglement and tripping.

Choose Customized Home Care Services

At Home Care Right at Home, we work with seniors’ families to implement fall prevention strategies and boost safety. Our caregivers support the elderly, monitor their health, and seek medical help in case of emergencies. Contact us today to learn more about our quality home care services.

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