Coordinating In-Home Care

Initial Consultation

A Home Care Right At Home Care Coordinator visits your or your loved one’s home to evaluate needs and discuss service options. This meeting lets us understand your situation and craft a personalized Care Plan.

Resource Identification

We take it upon ourselves to identify any potential programs, community resources, or benefits available to you. These could include VA pension, Long Term Care Insurance, Private Health Insurance, and others to help make our services as accessible as possible.

Creating and Monitoring the Care Plan

We draft a comprehensive Care Plan based on inputs from our initial consultation, healthcare providers, and your physicians. This plan outlines all the required services, suggested equipment and supplies, proposed frequency of service, associated costs, and potential payment sources. We strive to make this plan as transparent and detailed as possible for our clients’ peace of mind.

Pre-Discharge Coordination

The development of the Care Plan may begin even before the client is discharged from a hospital, rehab, or other healthcare facility. In such instances, we collaborate closely with the client, family, attending physician, and discharge planner to agree on primary goals, thereby optimizing the healing process. This cooperative approach allows us to provide seamless continuity of care from the healthcare facility to the client’s home.

Care Management

Recovery from Surgery/Hospitalization

People with disabilities

Hospice patients

Expectant/new mothers

Recovery from Surgery/Hospitalization

Expectant/new mothers

People on restricted activity

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