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Preventing Falls at Home in Stamford, CT

As individuals age, their desire to stay in the comfort of their homes grows stronger, provided their well-being isn’t compromised. The best way to help elderly family members without risking their health is to keep them from falling. In Stamford, CT, we personalize in-home assessments to determine who is most likely to fall and help them plan to keep from falling. Our 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week live-in care keeps your loved one safe and happy at home.

Live-in companion care

How to keep from falling elderly may fall because their joints are weak or because of the side effects of medicines or other things. Home Care Right At Home can send a health aid to your home to help you. Activities that could cause a fall are closely watched. Our reliable caregivers in Stamford, CT, can help your loved one with day-to-day tasks like:

Essential Facts About Falls:

Proactive Fall Risk Prevention is Crucial. As you evaluate care options for your elderly loved one, a call to Home Care Right At Home for an in-home assessment can be a proactive first step. Post our initial evaluation, and we can highlight modifications that could significantly transform the home environment to reduce fall risks. Leveraging our expertise, we can design a tailored care plan to mitigate the risk of falls. We also offer suggestions for home enhancements, including:
Everyone has the right to feel secure in their home. For more details about our fall prevention services in Stamford, CT, or to request a free needs assessment, contact Home Care Right At Home today.

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