Free Check-up Service

Free Check-Up Service

CHECK-IN™: A daily, complimentary “safety check” phone call for everyone.

This is a completely FREE service! No doctor’s referral is required, nor do you need to be one of our clients!

CHECK-IN™ not only offers daily reassurance but also provides much-needed socialization to seniors, reminding them that they are “not alone”. Predetermined conversations, such as a medication reminder, are available, or you can simply take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with the outside world.

To demonstrate our commitment, we will answer the phone up to 15 times. We will try calling again in about 15 minutes if there is no response. After three tries to reach you, we will notify the people you’ve told us to contact in case of an emergency.

This service can be temporary (for example, during recovery from surgery or illness) or it can continue until you decide to discontinue.

Home Care Right At Home’s Senior CHECK-IN™ service is your personal companion, available at your beck and call.

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