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Home Care Right at Home in Norwalk, Connecticut provides quality care to seniors, adults and children with disabilities, chronic illnesses or health challenges in the comfort of their own homes. Their experienced and compassionate caregivers offer a variety of services including companion care, personal care, respite care, meal preparation and transportation. They strive to provide a personalized plan of care tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences.

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Our Norwalk Home Health Care Services

Dementia & Alzheimer's Patient Care Homemaking Hygiene Assistance Senior Transportation Health Reminders Senior Care Home Health Aide

Homecare Right at Home Norwalk provides exceptional care to individuals with various medical conditions, including a focus on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients. Our team of skilled and empathetic caregivers delivers a diverse range of services, including medication management, meal preparation, personal care, and companionship, ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care possible. At Homecare Right at Home Norwalk, we’re committed to preserving our patients’ dignity and independence.

Personalized Senior Care In Norwalk

We are here for you and your loved ones so our priority is to get to know you and build our relationship from the ground up.

Norwalk Elderly Hygiene Assistance

When it comes to senior care being on top of hygiene may become a hassle. Just another thing that we are here for.

Norwalk Home Health Aide

We are proactive when it comes to making sure your loved ones are on top of all of their medical requirements. 

Looking For Norwalk Home Care For Veterans?

Home Care Right at Home in Norwalk offers free home care services to veterans as a way of honoring and thanking them for their service. This free home care service provides veterans with the necessary support they need to remain independent and in their own homes. Home Care Right at Home understands that veterans often suffer from physical and mental health issues due to their service, and they are committed to helping veterans live with dignity and ease. The free home care services they offer can include companionship, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), personal care, light housekeeping, and more. This free home care service is provided to veterans to ensure they receive the highest quality of care and support they deserve.

free veterans home care

Contact us today to learn how Veterans can get free home care!

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Why Choose Us For Home Care Services In Norwalk

Home Care Right At Home has been providing exceptional home care services for 20 years. The reason we have so many happy patients that we work with is that we treat our patients like we would our own families. We know the impact that faithful caregiving can have on you and your loved ones, and we provide nothing less than the highest quality of service that we would provide to our own family.

Find comfort and care in your own home.

Providing caregivers in the comfort of your own home is what we are here for. Right at Home provides a range of in-home service options for seniors and adults with disabilities. Don’t think of our services as one-size-fits all. We know everyone’s needs are different, so our support plans are uniquely tailored to each individual. Whether it’s helping with dressing and hygiene, providing health reminders, or simply providing transportation to appointments, Right at Home’s dedicated companions will help you or your loved one navigate life.

We Are The #1 Home Care Agency For You And Your Loved Ones.

Our number 1 priority is you and your loved ones. We are here to make sure that you receive proper caregiving where it matters most, in your own home.


Frequently Asked Questions about Home Care Services in Norwalk: Understanding Your Care Options

What makes home care services in Norwalk unique compared to other cities?

Our home care services in Norwalk are designed to meet the specific needs of the local community. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable care providers who understand the local culture and can provide the highest quality care.

How does your home care agency in Norwalk ensure the safety of clients?

The safety and well-being of our clients is our top priority. Our home care agency in Norwalk undergoes regular training and is equipped with the latest safety protocols to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care.

What sets your home care services apart from other providers in Norwalk?

Our home care services in Norwalk are designed to provide a full range of care options, including non-medical care, personal care, and medical care. Our team of experienced care providers is dedicated to providing personalized care that is tailored to each client’s individual needs and preferences.

Can clients in Norwalk receive home health care services from your agency?

Yes, our home care agency in Norwalk offers both non-medical care and home health care services. Our medical care services are designed to support clients with ongoing health needs and provide medical support in the comfort of their own home.

Can family members be involved in the care process for clients in Norwalk?

Yes, family involvement is a key aspect of our care process. Our home care agency in Norwalk works closely with family members to provide the best possible care for our clients, and we welcome the involvement of family members in the care process.

How can I schedule a consultation with your home care agency in Norwalk?

Scheduling a consultation with our home care agency in Norwalk is easy. Simply contact us and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the right care solution for your loved one.

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More On The Importance Of Home Care and Home Health Aid Care Givers In Norwalk CT

In Norwalk, Connecticut, home care is a crucial service that enables senior citizens and people with disabilities to preserve their independence and continue living in their own homes. It is an essential tool for those who require help with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and managing medications.

The ability to receive care in the comfort of one’s own home, surrounded by familiar surroundings and loved ones, is one of the key advantages of home care. Seniors with dementia or cognitive impairment may find this to be very helpful because it can lessen confusion and disorientation.

Home care services can also aid in reducing unneeded ER visits and readmissions to the hospital. For instance, a home health aide can keep track of a person’s monitoring of vital signs and medication administration can help to avoid consequences like infections or falls.

Home care can also offer emotional and social assistance to anyone who might be feeling lonely or isolated. A home health aide can offer company and conversation in addition to helping with games and reading. An individual’s general wellbeing and quality of life may be enhanced as a result.

There are numerous home care organizations in Norwalk, Connecticut that offer a variety of services, such as in-home nursing care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. These services can be offered on a short-term or long-term basis and can be tailored to match the unique needs of each person.

In general, home care is a necessary service.that can support elderly people and those with disabilities so they can preserve their independence and live in their own homes. Additionally, it can offer a wide range of psychological, emotional, and social advantages that can enhance someone’s general wellbeing and quality of life.

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