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Home Care Right at Home offers various services, such as elderly companion services, live-in care, or in-home needs assessment. Our team provides customized solutions to cater to each individual needs. This is determined by the client’s preferences and physical abilities. We also make sure the client has safety features, if necessary, such as handles near showers to prevent falls or regulated water temperatures to avoid burns. We tailor plans accordingly to any unique situation or circumstance. Clients can remain comfortable and safe in their own homes with the aid of a companion.

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Apart from our elderly companion care services, we also offer round-the-clock live-in care. This service makes sure our clients receive aid in the evenings and overnight. This individualized treatment supports daily tasks, such as dressing or medication administration. We also help with bathing and dressing and address other hygiene requirements. Whether you’re looking for companion services or specialized trained staff to help with Alzheimer’s, we can offer assistance.


Why Choose Home Care Right At Home Stamford?

Compared to hospital stays and nursing facilities, our clients can avoid these expenses. In order to discern unique circumstances, such as medical or non-medical situations, our assessment determines what kind of help may be required. Our home care services focus on daily tasks, such as transportation, preparing meals, personal mobility assistance, and other activities. Home health care services refer to medical conditions, and our staff focus on clients who may struggle with dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s.


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Our specialized staff aids with varying medical conditions, which includes dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Both conditions may evolve through various stages, and the level of care a client requires depends on multiple factors. With Alzheimer’s disease, the initial stages can be difficult to detect, as they don’t show any physical symptoms. It can then progress with the loss of muscle coordination and other physical difficulties. Our staff are highly trained to support and provide assistance to your loved ones.

Clients who may struggle with dementia can often be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as well. Specialized care helps maintain routine tasks, as the disease affects memory, focus, communication, or visual perception. Here at Homecare Right At Home, we can maintain and help with independence. This includes home modifications, installations of alert systems, or removing hazardous rugs.

NOrwalk Elder Assistance

Personalized Senior Care In Stamford

We are here for you and your loved ones so our priority is to get to know you and build our relationship from the ground up.

NOrwalk IN Home care and hygiene assistance

Stamford Elder Hygiene Assistance

When it comes to senior care being on top of hygiene may become a hassle. Just another thing that we are here for.

NOrwalk in home care and medical reminders

Stamford Home Health Aide

We are proactive when it comes to making sure your loved ones are on top of all of their medical requirements.

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Depending on the client’s health and physical mobility, we want to avoid the risk of falling. When an in-home assessment is determined, our elderly companion services make sure all entries and exits have no trip hazards to avoid risking their health. Clients may have weaker joints from side effects of medications or other health conditions. Nearly 25% of aged individuals fall each year, and those who have fallen might do so again. Our staff aides assist with personal care and other routine tasks to avoid any risk to their client’s wellbeing.

Should an emergency arise, medical alert systems allow clients to contact help with a touch of a button. Whether they have an accidental fall or experience cardiac arrest, this device helps track any life-threatening situation 24/7.

Here at Home Care Right at Home, we support our clients regardless of their situation, whether they require medication management or fall prevention services. This collaborative approach allows us to offer a comprehensive healthcare service that addresses both the physical and emotional wellbeing. It enables us to not only focus on symptoms, but target the root causes of health issues. Contact us today to start reliable in-home care services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Care Services in Stamford

Home care services are non-medical, in-home care services that provide support with daily activities, while home health care refers to medical care provided in the home.


Our home care services in Stamford include non-medical care, home care assistance, and companion services. Our services include personal care and hygiene, medication management, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, and errands, and companionship.

Our home care agency in Stamford is staffed by experienced and trained caregivers who are compassionate and caring in their approach.

We understand that each client has unique needs, and we tailor our care plans accordingly. Our care plans are created based on a comprehensive assessment of each client’s needs, preferences, and physical abilities.

Yes, home health care in Stamford can be a cost-effective solution compared to other forms of care. By receiving care in the comfort of their own home, clients can avoid the costs associated with hospital stays and long-term care facilities.


To get started with our home care services in Stamford, simply contact us to request a consultation. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and help you find the right care solution for your loved one.

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