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Home Care Right at Home in Stamford provides a variety of home care services, including assistance with activities of daily living, companionship, housekeeping and transportation. Their highly trained and experienced caregivers are dedicated to providing excellent care, tailored to each individual client’s needs. Their compassionate staff strive to ensure clients are comfortable and safe in their own homes.

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Dementia & Alzheimer's Patient Care Homemaking Hygiene Assistance Senior Transportation Health Reminders Senior Care Home Health Aide

Homecare Right at Home Stamford provides exceptional care to individuals with varying medical conditions, with a particular focus on those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our team of compassionate caregivers undergoes rigorous training to ensure patients receive personalized care, including medication management, meal preparation, personal hygiene assistance, and companionship. We are committed to helping patients maintain their independence and dignity, and our services are tailored to meet their unique needs. Trust Homecare Right at Home Stamford to provide top-notch care for your loved ones.

Personalized Senior Care In Stamford

We are here for you and your loved ones so our priority is to get to know you and build our relationship from the ground up.

Stamford Elder Hygiene Assistance

When it comes to senior care being on top of hygiene may become a hassle. Just another thing that we are here for.

Stamford Home Health Aide

We are proactive when it comes to making sure your loved ones are on top of all of their medical requirements. 

Looking For Home Care For Veterans In Stamford?

Home Care Right at Home in Stamford is committed to providing veterans with the best possible home care. As a thank you to those who served in the military, they offer free home care services to veterans. They understand that having a safe and comfortable home is important to the well-being of veterans, and they want to help make sure they get the care they need. Home Care Right at Home is proud to provide veterans with quality home care services at no cost, and they are committed to providing the best possible care to all veterans in the Stamford area.

free veterans home care

Contact us today to learn how Veterans can get free  Stamford Home Care!

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Why Choose Us For  Home Care Services In Stamford?

Stamford Home Care Right At Home has been providing exceptional home care services for 20 years. The reason we have so many happy patients that we work with is that we treat our patients like we would our own families. We know the impact that faithful caregiving can have on you and your loved ones, and we provide nothing less than the highest quality of service that we would provide to our own family.

Find comfort and care in your own Stamford Home.

Providing caregivers in the comfort of your own home is what we are here for. Right at Home provides a range of in-home service options for seniors and adults with disabilities. Don’t think of our services as one-size-fits all. We know everyone’s needs are different, so our support plans are uniquely tailored to each individual. Whether it’s helping with dressing and hygiene, providing health reminders, or simply providing transportation to appointments, Right at Home’s dedicated companions will help you or your loved one navigate life.

We Are The #1 Home Care Agency For You And Your Loved Ones.

Our number 1 priority is you and your loved ones. We are here to make sure that you receive proper caregiving where it matters most, in your own home.


Frequently Asked Questions about Home Care Services in Stamford

What is the difference between home care and home health care?

Home care services are non-medical, in-home care services that provide support with daily activities, while home health care refers to medical care provided in the home.

What type of services does your home care agency in Stamford offer?

Our home care services in Stamford include non-medical care, home care assistance, and companion services. Our services include personal care and hygiene, medication management, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, and errands, and companionship.

Who are the care providers at your home care agency in Stamford?

Our home care agency in Stamford is staffed by experienced and trained caregivers who are compassionate and caring in their approach.

How are the care plans customized for each client?

We understand that each client has unique needs, and we tailor our care plans accordingly. Our care plans are created based on a comprehensive assessment of each client’s needs, preferences, and physical abilities.

Is home health care in Stamford cost-effective compared to other forms of care?

Yes, home health care in Stamford can be a cost-effective solution compared to other forms of care. By receiving care in the comfort of their own home, clients can avoid the costs associated with hospital stays and long-term care facilities.

How can I get started with home care services in Stamford?

To get started with our home care services in Stamford, simply contact us to request a consultation. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and help you find the right care solution for your loved one.

We Are Passionate About Providing Stamford Home Care In The Comfort Of Your Home 


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More On The Importance Of Home Care And Home Health Aid Care Gives In Stamford CT

For a large number of people and families in Stamford, Connecticut, home care is a crucial service. Instead than forcing people to enter a long-term care institution, it offers services that allow them continue in their homes and keep their freedom.

The ability to receive care in a comfortable and familiar setting is one of the most important advantages of home care. As it can lessen feelings of isolation and enhance general wellbeing, this can be especially helpful for seniors and people with long-term health concerns. As people can receive treatment and assistance in their homes rather than needing to go to the hospital for minor health conditions, home care can also help to lower the risk of hospitalization.

Home care can help family caregivers, which is another important advantage. Many family members take on the responsibility of being a loved one’s primary caregiver, however this may be a difficult and demanding duty. By handling some of the caregiving duties, such as aiding with clothing, washing, and medicine administration, home care can relieve family caregivers.

In Stamford, Connecticut, home care services are adaptable and may be customized to fit each person’s unique needs. This covers transportation, meal preparation, light housework, and personal care. Specialized services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy can also be offered by home care providers.
It enables individuals to remain in their homes, preserve their independence, and get the care and assistance they require to live comfortably and securely.

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