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The desire to age comfortably in one’s own home is a shared sentiment among many, but everyday tasks can turn into hurdles over time. At Home Care Right At Home, we are more than ready to assess your home and propose solutions that will enhance the safety and ease of living for your loved one. Our complimentary in-home assessment is designed to help you implement necessary changes right away or in preparation for the future.

We deliver a range of services tailored to elevate safety within the home, from installing safety bars around the toilet and shower area to suggesting comprehensive home modifications. After conducting the assessment, we may recommend professional home care in various areas:

Fall Protection

For seniors, falls, particularly within the home environment, can lead to serious injuries. The assessment will pinpoint areas both indoors and outdoors posing significant risk. Our fall protection services might involve recommendations for rearranging furniture or minor home modifications to ensure safety.

Dementia Home Care

Although most people with dementia suffer from Alzheimer’s, there are other contributing factors. Appropriate care enables those with dementia to stay safe at home. Home Care Right At Home’s dementia home care services range from part-time assistance to 24/7 live-in care.

Alzheimer's Support

Alzheimer’s Disease evolves through stages. The level of care a person requires depends on the stage they’re in and will vary as the disease advances. Our Alzheimer’s care is customized to everyone, aimed at maximizing independence while supplying essential support through all stages.

Parkinson’s Home Care

 Parkinson’s Disease is a condition that impairs both the body and mind. As it progresses, many people require either part-time or full-time support. Our Parkinson’s home care provides the necessary help that patients with Parkinson’s and their families need.

At Home Care Right At Home, we recognize that most families might not have the specialized knowledge to ensure a loved one’s safety and well-being at home. Our assessment serves as an expert resource that families can utilize to create a safer, more comfortable living environment at home.

Home Care Right At Home addresses the needs of seniors throughout Connecticut who wish to maintain their independence at home and simplify their elderly living experience.

Manifesting the life ahead gives you a better chance at making the most of it – don’t delay in reaching out to us for a complimentary in-home needs assessment.

We offer a comprehensive selection of non-medical healthcare services, including:

At Home Care Right At Home, we aim to help all seniors maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. We strive to ensure their homes are safer and more comfortable, enabling them to enjoy their homes for longer.

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